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It expects us to have genuine emotional reactions to the 'blossoming relationships' between our bland protagonist and these excuses for characters. Let's look at the individual components that MAL expects us to rate anime by.STORY: To be fair, the anime didn't have much to work with, given that it was based on the original VN plot.Yeah, cool, you can watch Kimi no Todoke or something.A story about a girl with Mysterious Anime Disease who has the intellectual capacity of a child? [4/10] ART: High budget, great production values and art direction.

yeah, don't watch this show, it'll make you rage.[5/10] If Clannad weren't so obviously manipulative, it might be a better series. Clannad is one of the most cherished anime of all times." The first time I watched Clannad was back in 2008, and I just finished re-watching it for the 3rd time this past few days.Which is not to say that the series is obviously cynical - on the contrary, I think it exhibits a genuine warmth that lesser harem-type series lack. Now I realize that will take years before I watch something that does the same impact on me like this anime did.As he attempts to help each girl overcome her respective obstacle, he begins to realize life isn't as dull as he once thought.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]Clannad is the anime adaptation of the visual novel developed by KEY for Windows PCs in 2004, which was later ported to Play Station consoles and the Xbox 360.

Claiming he has nothing better to do, he decides to help her achieve this goal along with the help of four other girls.