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As a result, in 1997 CBC Radio became CBC Radio One and CBC Stereo became CBC Radio 2.Although some Radio One stations still broadcast on AM as of 2016, because of issues with urban reception of AM radio signals many of the remaining AM stations have added FM rebroadcasters in major urban centres within their broadcast area.Most of these stations are licensed as separate broadcast undertakings.Stations not considered primary production centres may have local content which is limited to local news updates.The change spread to CBC regional morning shows which developed three hours of live radio combining "survival information", about news, weather and traffic, with interviews and documentaries about local and national issues.

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In 1949, the facilities and staff of the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland were transferred to CBC upon Newfoundland's entry into Canadian Confederation.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, CBC Radio increased its current affairs and documentary content with an initiative known as the "Radio Revolution", using more ambitious, live coverage of news and current affairs including listeners as well as experts.

The change began with national shows such as As It Happens.

Eventually, a national satellite-distributed network of stereo FM stations was established.

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In 1975, the FM network was called CBC Stereo, and the AM service was designated CBC Radio.In the 1990s, many of the CBC's AM stations moved to FM in response to complaints of poor AM reception.