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26-Jul-2017 09:39

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After the 1993 allegations, Michael could no longer work with kids. But I also said to him, you’re not the children’s messiah. You’re not supposed to be building these hospitals and reading them bedtime stories.You’re supposed to be inspiring their parents to prioritize them. – Rabbi Shmuley Boteach But had Jackson embraced that message? Was Jackson’s relationship with Omer (and you will find out how intimate their relationship was when you read further) a result of arrogance, naïveté or compulsion?

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The family traveled from their home in Oslo to Tunis to visit Omer’s uncle Hjalmar Vinje, who was living there at the time.

How Jackson and Omer’s paths crossed was fortuitous for both of them.

Omer got to meet the person he had admired for so long, and Jackson got his very own young boy to live in his home – but more of that later.

But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that.

And as a fan, I think it's a really canny choice, I think it'll be a hit.

I didn’t really know the answers to these questions, so I decided to do some research and find out what I could about Omer and his relationship with Jackson. To any observer, it would make sense that a man with the street smarts of Jackson (remembering he had not only survived, but thrived, in the cut throat music business for thirty years), would take great pains to ensure his interactions with children from that point forward were fully accountable and transparent so as to avoid a repeat of the extreme pain that those previous relationships had caused.

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