Dragon ball z dating sim games New dating app like tinder

10-Nov-2017 16:55

Limited, discounted perk for access to our exclusive backer forum.Be involved in development by voting on certain issues and hear the development news when it happens.You can also try to pursue the character you are spending your time with romantically.

While we would love to continue working on this project in our free time (as we have so far), a successful Indiegogo campaign will enable us to focus our time on developing this game as well as hiring more talent to deliver a quality visual novel.

However, there will be no explicit scenes, if that is what you're asking..

If our crowdfunding campaign is successful, we plan to open a Zazzle store with a variety of merchan DDi SIMe (= DDSIM merchandise) as soon as we can. Share on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

Even if there are enough people out there who would love to play this game and help us make it a reality, they will only do so if they know about our campaign. As with all game development, there is always the risk of unexpected problems or delays.

However, we have set the release & estimated delivery date not only in time for Valentine's due to its romantic nature, but this date also gives us a buffer to absorb any unexpected delays and problems we could face in time for release.Also includes a copy of the digital deluxe edition of Dragon Dating Simulator.