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My persistent backache was massaged and eased by the twists we did, and my dusty old muscles started to respond. I got better at it and therefore wanted to do more of it — and that, of course, is the key.All right, it helped that we were in India, that it was warm, that we were eating delicious vegetarian food and not drinking alcohol.I am uncomfortable with the happy-clappy, touchy-feely, new age industry that has grown up around yoga.Now I know the chakra is a concept that is part of many spiritual traditions — the idea is that they are the energy centres around our bodies, and come in seven colours — but they don’t actually exist.These propel freshly oxygenated blood to flow more freely, relieving joint pain and removing toxins from the internal organs.I was so overjoyed to find an exercise class that didn’t bore me rigid that I made a list of all the things I’d learned to do in yoga: stretch every single muscle; take my own body weight on my hands; balance (crucial for oldies); breathe properly through my nose; sit up and stand up straight; remember how to relax (the relaxation period at the end of each session is heaven). I turned into a yoga bore, telling everyone I met that they had to take it up.

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Even the gloriously rebellious Tara Stiles, the coolest yoga teacher in New York, whose devotees include Jane Fonda and alternative medicine guru Deepak Chopra, has built a profitable empire out of rejecting every spiritual aspect of yoga and concentrating on the body beautiful.Even though she has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, Amy Adams proved on Friday she's not too famous to buy her own groceries.