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(Note: The noun, “religion,” and the adjective, “religious,” as they are used today, would be misnomers for the Sumerians' spiritual beliefs and practices.To them, spirituality is not merely a side interest in religion or theology in today's sense.AZ radiates the light of existence into everyone and everything, but cannot be imagined.In Sumerian wisdom, AZ brings existence into being in the completeness of a dual trinity operating as the radiance of divine-reality.This dual-trinity is the symbol ancient Sumerians use to personify divine energy to give humanity some basis when they try to infer the One-God, Creator and Source of Life energy-complex.According to Sumerian belief, the self-unity IZ(AZ)-TEN, God's unfathomable reality, can be thought of only by referring to symbols and mental imagery of divine activities and functions.Instead of “creation of the Pickax” they gave it the title, .To understand the text of this alliance, we need to review the Sumerians' concept of God.

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Hence we have Old Man Winter, Father Time, Mother Earth, Mother Nature and so forth.