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It was also home for a friendly tribe of Croatan Indians.John White sailed back to England for more supplies, telling those he left behind that he would be back within the year, but was delayed for almost three years due the war between England and Spain.North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a unique part of the long chain of barrier islands stretching from Virginia to the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico.Over many long years, giant sand dunes have built up with constant wind pressures changing the landscape on a daily basis.The route back to Spain passed close to the eastern coastline, and the small barrier islands offered great protection for pirate ships lying in wait for their next prize.The waters were too shallow for heavy draft vessels to navigate, and the pirates’ lighter ships, usually a sloop or cutter, were relatively safe from the heavy British Man-O-Wars.

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For more information on Outer Banks weather, including local hurricanes, visit our website often to see the forecast for your upcoming Hatteras Island vacation!The unspoiled landscape of the Outer Banks is limitless and breathtaking.Inhabited for thousands of years, this beautiful stretch of islands has a rich heritage to study.When he returned, there was no trace of the Colony, except for two words carved in a tree, “CRO” and “CROATOAN.” He left without knowing what had happened to his friends and so began the story of .

Some scholars think Indians killed the colonists, while others think the English settlers moved farther inland to better farm land.On the west side are brackish water sounds stretching as far as the eye can see.