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The data include geophysical or biological measurement time series and some reconstructed climate variables such as temperature and precipitation.NCEI provides the paleoclimatology data and information scientists need to understand natural climate variability and future climate change.First demonstrated in the 2010s, significant numbers are now being deployed in tropical coastal areas, where conditions are ideal for ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC).Each island is hexagonal in shape and interlocked with other islands, forming artificial archipelagos.

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These islands also feature housing developments, fish farms, greenhouses and eco-tourism complexes, in addition to the water and power production facilities. Deep ocean mining operations are widespread Exploitation of the ocean for its resources had for centuries been confined to fishing and coastal developments.India's currency, the rupee, is now challenging the renminbi as the world's strongest.Due to its global influence and military capabilities, India has also gained a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.One strategy being used to alleviate this crisis involves compact, floating "energy islands".

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These combine offshore power generation with desalination plants.By comparison, China's average age is 46 and its working population has been declining.* Expansion and development of India's service sector – adding greatly to the global knowledge-based economy – has occurred in parallel with a slowdown in China's growth as its economy matures.

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