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We're not saying we like it, but 1965 was the tipping point before Vietnam, the rise of counterculture and Women's Lib.As such, Sue was depicted as Reed's girlfriend through much of the Fantastic Four's early stories while she waited for him to commit.The weddings of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and that of Northstar and Kyle Jinadu are indicative of how far we've come as a society.First, you've got an interracial couple with Cage and Jones, with Jessica opting to keep her maiden name.Look, we could go in cirlces settling on a definition of "traditional," but for the sake of this section, the wedding between Mr.Fantastic and the Invisible Woman can be seen as old school.Over the years, there have been numerous weddings within the pages of Marvel comic books that have either been between extremely popular characters or marked watershed moments in marriage equality, mirroring our own reality.

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The concepts of marriage and love in America have transformed so rapidly since the early days of Marvel that we wanted to see how it was expressed within the pages of the publisher's comics.Thor, Iron, Man and Hawkeye were among the more notable guests.

During the French and Indian War, a group of "Ojibwas and Pottawattamies from the far [Lake] Michigan" (i.e., the area from Milwaukee to Green Bay) joined the French-Canadian Daniel Liénard de Beaujeu at the Battle of the Monongahela.… continue reading »

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So, as I scanned the archive and saw nothing but fresh faces, youthfully perky little breasts, and those carefree looks usually reserved for those just starting out in life, I couldn't help but smile.… continue reading »

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