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20-Aug-2017 09:43

We don’t know what the eventual effects of gay marriage on the social order will be anymore than we knew that the consequences of “Atoms for Peace” would be Chernobyl and Fukushima. For the basic reason that not all things and conditions of things are exactly the same.

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America has a boundary problem and boundary problems are disturbing both to individuals and societies.A common feature of societies in decline is a preoccupation with sexual freakishness, which is on display incessantly in this Republic of Twerking and in the much-valorized “sexual subversion” celebrated in the arts.

“Although many students are in romantic relationships, they treat that outcome like an accident, not something they searched for and found,” she said.… continue reading »

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La escritura fue el resultado de un proceso lento de evolución con diversos pasos: imágenes que reproducían objetos cotidianos (pictografía); representación mediante símbolos (ideografía); y la reproducción de sílabas y letras.… continue reading »

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Dream3vil, an Ok Cupid user in Medford, New Jersey, took an original approach to his first message.… continue reading »

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As highlighted in CECE’s position paper dating from mid-September, there is a clear misunderstanding and a series of unintended consequences in the Commission’s proposal, which the Parliament must clarify.… continue reading »

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